The Politics Of Life

I’m up, I can’t sleep. A friend called me and woke me from my beauty giving slumber. You know I can use all of it I can get. I don’t feel much like sleeping right now though. Friday wasn’t good for me. The past week wasn’t good for me. My life is a little out of control right now.

Friday night was a short one for me. I ate at Rock Ottom, big surprise and came right home and went to bed. I just wasn’t feeling things this evening. My friends were in different moods than I was and I wasn’t having it.

Saturday looks better. I have a BBQ and I’m making a Fruit Pizza. I can’t wait to taste it. Just like Mom makes, yum! Better yet, I can’t wait for some of my friends to try it. It’s a different circle of friends.

At any rate, we’ve been through the national conventions for both the Republicans and the Democrats. Now, people are starting to really take sides in this election. Since I’m part of the media, don’t expect to get my stance on everything on this blog. I think I’m good at keeping my opinions out of my writing at work as well. I have my own ideas about things but I don’t let them leak into my stories.

I’ve written something like this in the past about entertainers not getting political. If you’re a singer, sing. If you’re an actor, act. You get the picture. I just don’t like to get caught up in politics. Everyone feels strongly about what they believe and I’ve never been a great debater so I don’t like to argue about such things.

I love hearing about past Presidents and their accomplishments. Cleveland Bachelor will attest to that. I picked his brain for hours one night. CB, I’ll do it again too anytime you’re ready!

Partisan talk wears me down. I don’t like to get involved in such discussions. I don’t mind others talking about them. Just don’t be shocked if I wander away from the conversation if it involves Republicans vs. Democrats. I’d rather talk music, pop culture or why that woman over there is wearing a dress with a print was better left on the side of a zebra.

I haven’t claimed table 241 at Rock Ottom for nothing, it’s called people watching, folks!

Countdown To Shutdown?

My old homestate of Michigan can’t get its act together and produce a budget so there’s a chance the state should shutdown.

The Michigan Legislature did pass a temporary budget extension. It allows the state to fall into a partial shutdown.

The state’s governor, Jennifer Granholm and legislators are working against a midnight deadline that could force state government to partially shut down.

The Associated Press reports Republicans want Granholm to accept a temporary, emergency budget extension that would give lawmakers more time to craft a longer-term deal aimed at erasing a $1.75 billion deficit in the fiscal year that starts Monday. Granholm has said she won’t sign a temporary budget unless she has assurances higher taxes to pay for education, public health and other programs are part of the deal. She said lawmakers already have had nearly eight months to come up with a blend of revenue increases, cuts and structural changes to head off the crisis.

Ain’t politics fun?