I’m Spoiling A Secret

Last year, I did a little video project of all of my family. I believe it goes back to my mom’s mom’s dad’s dad’s dad. Get that? What can I say my family likes to keep pictures of one another. Yeah, I get a little reminiscent every once and awhile. The trip to Europe included a visit to the hometown of my great, great, great grandparents.

This year, I’m keeping with the tradition and putting together the next chapter of the video. It’ll be of my mother and father. I can’t believe it but I have good pictures of both of them. (Note to parents reading this post: Don’t just stop taking pictures of your kids when they hit the tween and teen years. Neither of my parents have a lot of pictures from that time of their lives that I can find.) I digress… I think the video so far is a good addition to last year’s Chapter 1. I’m including it on this post.

Also enjoy this picture of my dad when he was a Wayne County Sheriff’s deputy.