Credit Where It’s Due

I have the 2nd generation iPod touch (iPhone’s next don’t worry!) and the case that I use to clip it to me when I mow the yard, run or workout, broke.

What would you do? Go out and buy a new one? Sometimes that would be my answer but I didn’t run out and replace it, I called Griffin Technology and talked to their customer support people. I was just going to ask them if they could bill me for a replacement part but instead they told me they’d ship me a new one, FREE! It’s coming UPS as well, complete with a tracking number. If you know me, you know the joy I find in tracking a package as it comes across the U.S. to my humble abode.

I just feel like I have to give a little credit where credit is due and deserved. Bill, the customer rep from Griffin Technology, was helpful, nice and didn’t keep me on the phone for long.

I’d recommend checking out their website. I have a couple of other products from them and have been happy with all of them. I’m thinking of getting the Simplifi to keep my desk a little less cluttered.

You get to hear my rants so I thought it was only right to hear a rave as well.

New iPod Touch Firmware Here

I probably was among the people who mocked others for their dying allegiance to Apple and its products. “IBM stinks, go Apple and you’ll never go back,” I heard people say.

Well, I caved and bought an iPod Touch, I paid the big daddy dollars for the 32GB version. I could store more of my music. I loved it but there were just a few things I didn’t love as much.

I couldn’t use my bluetooth headphones. I couldn’t cut and paste.

Well, in just a few hours, that’s all about to change. Apple is, for a price, making the new iPhone firmware available to Touch users. Yes, I’m going to feed the corporate beast that is Apple and pay the $9.95 for the update.

I’ve been following the rumors on the upgrade on about every Apple fansite possible. Everything was rumors and predictions. I don’t recall reading anywhere that it would roll out June 17th.

But now, I’m just counting the hours away to the new and improved features that I’ll get to enjoy with my Touch. Pathetic, isn’t it? I’ll probably post something after getting the firmware with a review. I hope I’m not disappointed. After all, I’ve looked forward to the upgrade for a while now.

Message to Sprint: After my contract is up with you, I’ll probably bid you adieu for either Verizon or AT&T. The Samsung Instinct is not an iPhone killer. Its OS is rigid and there’s nowhere close to the applications available for it.