Another Pet Peeve

I love to share my pet peeves with people because I know they’re probably someone else’s as well.

Here’s my latest one. Getting comfortable on the couch or in a chair, having the comforter over you or the computer at your side. In other words, you are complete in your mission for comfort, then you realize the remote, phone, keyboard or another essential device is over on the other side of the room.

I normally realize this is about to happen after I feel like I’ve reached comfort utopia. I think “God, I am comfortable, thank you!” I think thing, what is it I don’t have? Ah crap!

I don’t have kids that I could ask to get the remote, etc. I don’t have a pet that I could will/wish could get the object for me. Nope, it means I got to forgo my oasis of happiness and get up and fetch it.

Of course, once you leave the center of comfortability, you can never return to it. Something just doesn’t feel right. Why does that cushion feel lumpy? The comforter is out of whack. I can’t get comfortable.

I know what you might think, “taawd, you have to plan better.” Normally when I’m in said situation, I’m not much for thinking or planning. Heck, I do that all day long. I just want to relax and kick back.

I may have to invest in one of the those really long “fetch-it” devices so I don’t have to give up my relaxation refuge. It’s really not the laziness factor just the fact I was so comfortable.

This is my new pet peeve,

My Annoyance

I know some people have a problem with text messages but for me, it’s voicemail. Sure, I leave it but when I do, it has a purpose. I’ll at least tell you what I’m calling about. You won’t hear me say “Hey (fill in the blank), it’s Todd, call me when you get the chance.”

I have caller ID just like so many other people do on my cell phone. I figure if you’re calling me you have something to say to me or want me to call you back. I’d rather just people hang up before leaving me the message, especially if you’re going to just say the phrase above. If you have something informative to say, leave the message. I’ll normally check my voicemail before returning the call, but that’s just an extra step.

I didn’t want to get off on a rant here but…