A Sad Day!

I don’t know if I’m breaking this news but…

I hear that Rock Bottom is closing in the Flats. Yes, it is one of my favorite establishments in Cleveland.

It was special to me for so many reasons.

First, you couldn’t ask for a better staff. I felt like I became an honorary employee.

When I didn’t feel like cooking, I’d make the short walk over to the restaurant for some food.

It was the first place I met my girlfriend.

I took my friends to the Rock. I also met new friends there.

Ah, table #241!

One of my proudest moments – my name on the Rock Bottom barrel.

I can’t say enough about the coupons and the free gifts I got by having the Mug Club Card.

Sadly, I’m probably among the reasons the restaurant is closing down. I don’t get to frequent the Rock as much as I once did. I hear the last day is May 30th.

Here are some taawd.com memories.

So sad to see you go, Rock Bottom!

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