Technically Troubled

There are days when technology makes your life so much easier. Yesterday wasn’t one of them.

Things aren’t good when your computer and phone decide to go down the tube at the same time. The devices weren’t mine but I spent the better part of yesterday trying to fix them.

After failing to fix the problem last night, I woke up today to try again. A call to Dell helped me identify the problem with the laptop. The hard drive is bad.  FedEx will be delivering a new one on Friday.  A quick shout-out to Dell. The phone representative was in India and was very helpful with the problem. We even had a conversation about the weather there and here. I was pleased with his knowledge and service.

The phone went to the Sprint store.  The technicians couldn’t fix it. Instead, a new HTC Hero will be delivered tomorrow.

When you use your phone and your computer for work, it makes it difficult to get anything done. It’s not a fun process. We have one computer still working. Cross your fingers that one doesn’t become a victim of a technical gremlin, too!